Increase Returns with Fixed and Variable Rate Deposits

A floating interest rate is variable, changing according to the market over the duration of the loan. It offers less stability, but a chance for greater gains for lenders. The borrower enjoys a benefit if interest rates decline. The lender enjoys additional profit if interest rates rise, with raised rates charged to borrowers.

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DeFi Interest Rates

With increasing demand for borrowing, your interest rates rise.

Risk & Future Gains

With higher exposure comes the prospect of future gains.

Unexpected Gains

Always a chance of unexpected gains.

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Fixed and flexible Interest rates

Our Fixed Term Products are secured by collateral in another asset. Users can synthetically lend or borrow the target asset for a fixed term. Tokens are fungible and trade at a floating price. This means the market determines interest rates. EQIFI users can switch between a fixed and flexible rate interest loan whenever they like!

How To Invest In DeFi

Make passive income off your idle assets

Hodlers, rejoice! So many ways to earn rewards while holding your crypto. Let us show you the ways, from staking to contributing to pool liquidity.

How to Create a Deposit

  1. Create an Account & Connect Your Wallet

    Enjoy our easy onboarding! Sign up with our user-friendly KYC/AML. Your Privacy and Security are our Priority.

  2. Create your first deposit

    Choose what kind of cryptocurrency to deposit. We accept funds in wBTC, ETH, USDC & USDT. Each crypto has its unique advantages. We’ll help you learn which is the best choice for you.

  3. Stake EQX for higher rewards

    Stake EQX tokens using our staking pool and increase the interest you receive from your deposits. As a bonus, we have one of the best staking programs for our tokens with a great interest rate for your staked tokens.

  4. Sit back and enjoy your profits

    Whether you have a fixed or variable rate deposit, you will receive your interest benefit from putting your idle assets to work.

  5. Deposit your Fiat or Cryptocurrency

    Choose what kind of fiat or cryptocurrency you want to deposit. We accept funds in most major currencies worldwide and in cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, USDC & USDT.

Start Lending today & put your idle Crypto to work

Generate rewards for yourself while you contribute to a more equitable financial system, making crypto loans possible to others through DeFi with EQIFI.

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EQIFi brings the best out of crypto and banking giving you the tools to simplify asset management, lend, borrow or make use of derivatives on crypto safe and easy. Register for an account and start making the best out of your crypto assets today!
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