Finally. The Global EQIFI Credit Card

EQIFI users are eligible for a Global Secured MasterCard, including a virtual card, for online transactions & anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Cardholders can make payments & access funds at any ATM worldwide. The EQIFI MasterCard makes payments easy.

EQIFI’s Global Visa card has some of the highest limits in the industry.

Hold US Dollar funds and spend in most major currencies.

Use globally to withdraw funds from ATMs.

The EQIFI Card

Designed for individuals and businesses with global needs, EQIFI’s Global Secured Credit Card from Visa gives you freedom to spend, travel, and access funds anywhere on the planet. With your EQIFI Visa, you set the rules.

Load your card account from $200 to $50,000 and enjoy a seamless payment experience anywhere in the world that accepts Visa.*

*All photos are demonstrative. Final product and design may vary.

Get Started Today

Step 1

Sign Up for an Account

Verified EQIFI Users are eligible for a Global Secured Credit Card. Apply today for your account.

Step 2

Apply for a Digital Wallet

Once your account has been opened, request your EQIFI Card with your account manager.

Step 3

Receive Your Card

EQIFI will send your Global Secured Credit Card to your preferred address in as little as 5 days.

Step 4

Fund Your Card and Spend

Once your card is received you can fund your wallet/card, and start using it anywhere globally, or online where Visa is accepted!


Uncompromised Security and Privacy

  • Equipped with on/off software switch to provide extra security and control
  • Secured with an EMV chip and PIN capabilities to prevent fraudulent spending
  • Information regarding card holders are not shared with third parties

Flexibility for Ideal Global Use

  • USD cards which support most currencies
  • Accepted in over 44 millions locations worldwide
  • Capable of processing international online and offline payments
  • Funds can be withdrawn at ATMs around the world that accept Mastercard cards

Guaranteed Accessibility and Support

  • Attached with a digital wallet and web application
  • No spending limits – spend as much as you have deposited into the card
  • All the security you want from a Visa credit card
  • SMS and Email notifications help you keep track of your spending
  • Order multiple cards for your corporate or personal accounts
  • 24/7 customer support

Get to the front of the line by staking EQX tokens

Verified users who stake EQX tokens will have priority access to obtaining their EQIFI card.