Our native token, EQX, bestows numerous benefits to users on the platform. From rewards for being one of the first 10,000 to hold EQX, to discounts on every fee, learn more about the benefits of EQX!

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Listing/Delisting New Tokens

Listing/delisting new tokens & asset types

Adjusting Interest Rate

Adjusting interest rates

Adjusting Collateral Limits

Adjusting collateral limits

Governance Voting

Propose Governance Actions

Hold at least 200,000 EQIFI Tokens & you can propose governance actions in executable code.

Governance Voting

The community takes 72 hours to vote on any change.

Majority Vote Governance

If a majority vote is reached, the change is logged in Time Lock and executed after three days.

EQIFI Token - Governance Voting

EQX Staking Rewards

Join the EQIFI community.  Holding EQX gives you control over core functions like listing/delisting tokens and asset types, adjusting interest rates, collateral limits & even choosing new administration.

Tier 1

10k+ EQX

  • 2.5% Deposits Rate Increase
  • 2.5% Borrowing Rate Decrease
  • $25,000 Lending Limit
  • 5% LTV Increase
  • $25,000 Swap Limits
  • 1% Yield Bonus

Tier 2

70k+ EQX

  • 5% Deposits Rate Increase
  • 5% Borrowing Rate Decrease
  • $100,000 Lending Limit
  • 10% LTV Increase
  • $100,000 Swap Limits
  • 2% Yield Bonus

Tier 3

200k+ EQX

  • 7.5% Deposits Rate Increase
  • 7.5% Borrowing Rate Decrease
  • $250,000 Lending Limit
  • 15% LTV Increase
  • $250,000 Swap Limits
  • 4% Yield Bonus

Tier 4


  • 12.5% Deposits Rate Increase
  • 10% Borrowing Rate Decrease
  • Unlimited Lending
  • 25% LTV Increase
  • Unlimited Swaps
  • 10% Yield Bonus

The EQX Token Features

25% Bonus APY

Bonus APY

Hold EQX Tokens to earn up to 25% APY and passive returns.

Liquidity Pool Mining

Liquidity Mining

Stake tokens in liquidity pools for interest based on length of time staked.

Community based Governance

Community-based Governance

EQX holders can vote for new features.

Higher LTVs

Higher LTVs

Hold EQX for better LTV based on how much EQX you hold.

Early Adopter Bonus

Early Adopter Bonus

Be one of the first 10,000 users & get rewards for joining.

Staking Bonus

Staking Bonus

Stake EQX for preferential bonuses.

Priority Bank Accounts

Priority Bank Accounts

EQX holders have priority access to EQIBank bank accounts.

Fee Reduction for EQX Holders

Reduced Fees

Hold EQX for reduced fees.

Higher Limit for DeFi Products

Higher Limits

Hold EQX & enjoy higher limits on DeFi products.

Get to the front of the line by staking EQX tokens

EQX bestows many benefits. From rewards for being one of the first 10,000 to hold EQX, to discounts on every fee. Learn more about the benefits of EQX today!

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