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Harnessing the power of DeFi, EQIFI is positioned to become a global industry leader. Powered by a licensed & regulated global, digital bank, EQIFI is the world’s first seamless bridge to Decentralized Finance.

EQIFI democratizes products previously only available to the privileged.

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Get the Best Return on Yield Farming

EQIFI Yield Aggregator is an automated liquidity pool aggregator. It’s simple & automatic with a user-friendly interface. And you can choose your risk level and invest in your favorite portfolio.

Borrow using our Fixed and Variable Rate Products

Borrow assets instantly by using your idle tokens as collateral. You only need to create your account, deposit your collateral and get an instant loan either for a fixed rate and term or a variable one.

Increase Deposits Returns with Fixed and Variable Interest Rates

Your idle assets can bring you passive income! Simply deposit them into the platform and get a fixed or variable interest rate for the duration of the deposit.

Mitigate Risk with Interest Rate Swaps

Interest rate swaps involve the exchange of a variable interest rate for a fixed rate to reduce or increase exposure to fluctuations in interest rates. Our IRS product will reduce the volatility of variable rate deposits, loans and certain money market products.

EQX Token Rewards

EQX tokens give you discounts on all rates. Be one of the first 10,000 users & get rewards as an Early Adopter of EQX. Earn up to 25% APY in passive returns holding EQX.

Tier 1

10k+ EQX

  • 2.5% Deposits Rate Increase
  • 2.5% Borrowing Rate Decrease
  • $25,000 Lending Limit
  • 5% LTV Increase
  • $25,000 Swap Limits
  • 1% Yield Bonus

Tier 2

70k+ EQX

  • 5% Deposits Rate Increase
  • 5% Borrowing Rate Decrease
  • $100,000 Lending Limit
  • 10% LTV Increase
  • $100,000 Swap Limits
  • 2% Yield Bonus

Tier 3

200k+ EQX

  • 7.5% Deposits Rate Increase
  • 7.5% Borrowing Rate Decrease
  • $250,000 Lending Limit
  • 15% LTV Increase
  • $250,000 Swap Limits
  • 4% Yield Bonus

Tier 4


  • 12.5% Deposits Rate Increase
  • 10% Borrowing Rate Decrease
  • Unlimited Lending
  • 25% LTV Increase
  • Unlimited Swaps
  • 10% Yield Bonus

Token Benefits

Join the EQIFI community. Holding EQX gives you control over core functions like listing/delisting tokens and asset types, adjusting interest rates, collateral limits & even choosing new administration.

Listing/delisting new tokens & asset types (leaving space for this to be a longer sentence).

Adjusting interest rates (leaving space for this to be a longer sentence).

Adjusting collateral limits (leaving space for this to be a longer sentence).

Choosing a new administration (leaving space for this to be a longer sentence).


EQIFI Debit Card

Apply for an EQIFI Global Secured Debit Card, for online transactions & anywhere Visa is accepted. Make payments & access funds at ATMs worldwide. EQIBank’s Global Debit Card has some of the highest limits in the industry. Hold US Dollar funds & spend in most major currencies.

  • Withdraw funds at ATMs globally.
  • Access some of the highest limits in the industry.
  • Hold and spend USD across the world.
  • Convert your crypto into USD instantly.