Mitigate Exposure with Interest Rate Swaps

Interest Rate Swaps offer a way to reduce the exposure by switching variable rate interest for a fixed rate for both loans and deposits.

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Swaps Contracts

Make Swaps any time during the contract.

Swap Exchange

Make a prepayment & your swap can hedge other floating rate loans.

Swaps Interest Rate

Earn compensation if the swap is at a lower rate than fixed rates.

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Make your loan payments more predictable

Swap your variable rate loan for a fixed rate loan. The “Set it and Forget it” option. All EQIFI customers can exchange fixed rate loans for variables too, if desired. This optimizes the needs of investors while making it easier to liquidate positions with one protocol.

Interest Rate Swaps

Our team knows both blockchain and finance off your idle assets

EQIFI is powered by EQIBank, Voted a Top 10 Digital Bank*. The EQIFI management team consists of US, UK and European banking and fintech experts with over 150+ years combined experience, gained from some of the largest banks in the world and over 50+ successful blockchain and crypto projects. The EQIFI management team has grown financial services companies exceeding US$1.3bn AuA.

*Irish Tech News

How to Swap Interest Rates

  1. Create an Account

    Enjoy our easy onboarding! Sign up with our user-friendly KYC/AML. Your Privacy and Security are our Priority.

  2. Connect Metamask & Compound

    Easily connect your Metamask account with the Compound Protocol.

  3. Start a Swap

    Compare rates and weigh the benefits of each. We’ll help you learn which is the best choice for you. Choose your swap rate to trade and our automated system does the rest for you. Swaps can be made anytime during the life of your loan.

  4. Close the Swap

    Earn compensation if the swap is at a lower rate than fixed rates.

Find Interest Rates

Current interest rates for each asset will vary. Check with us here for the latest rate.

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