Optimize Returns with Crypto Yield Farming

Yield Farming is one of the most profitable ways to earn high returns in DeFi. Our Yield Aggregator optimizes your returns across multiple protocols automatically finding the best yields for your money.

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Automatically allocate funds between platforms.

Maximize rewards from 100s of liquidity pools, AMM projects,‌ & ‌more.

DeFi Advance Control Unit

You control your funds to add or withdraw at any time.

Welcome to EQIFI – Your One Stop DeFi Platform

We combine multiple assets in a single investment product

Use DeFi Yield Farming to get the best returns on the market, all based on your personal risk appetite.

What Is Yield Farming

Varying degrees of risk/ reward to satisfy any risk appetite

EQIFI portfolios are split into risk levels. Be conservative or increase your risk level on your own terms. ROIs will vary proportional with risk.

How to Start Earning

  1. Create an Account & Connect Your Wallet

    Enjoy our easy onboarding! Sign up with our user-friendly KYC/AML. Your Privacy and Security are our Priority.

  2. Choose your favorite portfolio

    Your personalized level of risk vs. rate of return. Your optimal period of lock-up times for funds in pools, staking and more! We break down and explain your options, to help you make wise decisions. Your investments, your way.

  3. Deposits assets

    As a DeFi platform we accept funds in WBTC, ETH, USDC, USDT & EQX. (More cryptocurrencies may be added.)

  4. Watch your returns grow

    Sit back and enjoy the ride as you watch your funds multiply online! We send quarterly reports as well as regular updates on rates, bonuses and exciting new developments for the EQIFI Platform and your growing funds. Check your funds and your gains anytime from anywhere.

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The time to join the New World of Financial Freedom with DeFi is now. Learn how you can enjoy exponential growth. Welcome to a life of prosperity and security!

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EQIFi brings the best out of crypto and banking giving you the tools to simplify asset management, lend, borrow or make use of derivatives on crypto safe and easy. Register for an account and start making the best out of your crypto assets today!
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